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13 Ways to Use Your Engagement Photos

(Taylor's fav number is 13, so we obviously had to stop there)

What Can I Do With Engagement Pictures? 

So, you’re engaged. Yay!! That’s SO exciting! It feels like there’s a million things on your to-do list and I’m sure engagement pictures are part of that. But, what’s the point of engagement pictures anyway? For some people, they elect to not do them! Some photographers will have packages that include it and some without, and some photographers will graciously substitute an engagement shoot with something else, like extra time or a printed wedding album. 

My husband and I were NOT picture people. We would take some of each other, mainly our dogs, and group photos with others, but neither one of us have been great about going into “selfie mode” when we go out and do things together. When we scheduled our engagement photos with our photographer (shout out to Savanna Kathleen Photography), we made sure to go with neutral outfits (all of my favorite colors, of course, because #millenial) that we loved and a few locations that were not super specific. My husband proposed to me at SIU Carbondale, so we had some of our photos taken on campus. We both love spending time outside and think nature is absolutely beautiful, so we did the other half of our photos in a field at sunset in Crab Orchard Wildlife Refuge. For us, it was perfect! Now, those photos are hanging on our wall and bookshelf in our living room. 

  1. Use them as decor for your home - Have them printed and framed, or even canvas-wrapped. This is an easy way to give your new home or current home an updated look. Smallwoods is our favorite for things like this!

  2. Save the Date cards + Invitations - Create personalized Save the Date cards featuring a favorite engagement photo, or add an image to your invitation suite. This helps set the tone for the upcoming wedding.

  3. Create a wedding website - Use engagement photos on your wedding website to give guests a glimpse into your love story! (We HIGHLY recommend making a website on something like The Knot; it makes your RSVP tracking an absolute a breeze!)

  4. Social media announcements - Share engagement photos on social media platforms to announce your engagement and build excitement for your wedding. You can also update your profile photos on Facebook, Instagram, or Tiktok. Talk about a hard launch!

  5. Design a custom guest book - Design a guest book featuring your engagement photos for guests to sign and leave well-wishes. It's truly the perfect coffee-table book!

  6. Stage it as wedding decor - Use your photos photos as part of your wedding decor, like table centerpieces or framed pictures at the entrance and welcome tables.

  7. Make custom table numbers - Incorporate your engagement photos into table numbers for a unique and personal touch at the reception.

  8. Print custom thank you cards - After the wedding, use engagement photos on thank-you cards or thank-you postcards for guests who attended and those who gave gifts.

  9. Gifts for family + friends - Frame engagement photos as gifts for parents or members of the wedding party. It's also fun to make things like mugs or Christmas ornaments with them!

  10. Wedding program or menu - Feature engagement photos on wedding programs or menus to add a personal touch.

  11. Timeline of your relationship - Create a visual timeline at the wedding venue using engagement photos, personal photos, and even those not-so-cute ones to showcase the couple's journey.

  12. Slide show during ceremony or reception - Prepare a slide show featuring engagement photos to be played during the ceremony or reception, telling your love story.

  13. Wedding Favors - Use engagement photos on wedding favors like magnets, coasters, or custom-made cookies.

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