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Save the Date - Should you, or should you not?

"Save the dates are such a waste, why would I do that?"

I hear this all the time! And I will say, it's not for everyone. There are several reasons as to why a couple may or may not send Save the Dates. You just need to decide what is right for you!

Here's a brief list of reasons why Save the Dates are crucial for couples:

  1. Planning and Coordination - Save the Dates provide guests with an early heads-up about the wedding date, allowing them to plan and coordinate their schedules well in advance. Guests may have other commitments, travel plans, or events around the same time. Save the Dates help guests avoid scheduling conflicts and prioritize attending the wedding.

  2. Destination Weddings - For destination weddings, Save the Dates are especially important. They give guests ample time to make travel arrangements, book accommodations, ask for time off, and plan accordingly.

  3. International Guests - If the wedding includes international guests, Save the Dates give them sufficient time to arrange for visas, flights, and accommodations.

  4. Guest Attendance Confirmation - Sending Save the Dates prompts guests to respond with their intentions to attend, helping the couple estimate the number of guests and plan accordingly. Think of it like an early RSVP, especially if you have a wedding website set up!

  5. Builds Anticipation - Save the Dates build anticipation and excitement among guests, creating a sense of expectation for the upcoming celebration.

  6. Unique Announcements - Couples can use Save the Dates to express their personalities and style, creating unique announcements that set the tone for the wedding.

  7. Photography Showcase - Save the Dates often feature engagement photos, providing a sneak peek into the couple's journey and showcasing their love story.

  8. Ensures Key Attendees Can Plan - Essential guests, such as immediate family and close friends, can plan their attendance early, ensuring that important individuals can be present on the wedding day.

Save the Dates serve as a considerate and practical way for couples to inform their guests about the upcoming wedding, allowing everyone to plan and participate in the celebration with ease.

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